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Hello, ladies~

You have reached Teddie, the charming and handsome bear who is so sadly busy at the moment. Please leave your name, number, and where you'd like to go on our date, and I'll call you back as soon as I can~


And I guess guys can leave a message too. I'll get to those when I have time.
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[Character Name] Teddie
[Canon] Persona 4
[Point Taken from Canon] Post Game/ Pre Arena

[Age] Appears to be around 13 or 14
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero

[Eye Color] Blue
[Hair Color] Blonde
[Height]  5'0"
[Other] Frequently wearing a bear suit.
[Clothing] Frilly white poet shirt with a red rose pinned to his chest, skinny black pants.

Rest under the cut. )
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[Player name] Ket
[Age] 32
[Personal Journal] [personal profile] beautiful_dreamer
[Other characters currently played] N/A

[Character name] Teddie
[Age] Unknown (looks like he's about 13-14 years old)
[Canon] Persona 4
[Point in time taken from canon] End Game



When you first meet him in the game, it's easy for Teddie to come off as really annoying. He's both demanding, and a bit judgmental. He makes assumptions about the party's guilt one minute, and insists that it's their responsibility to solve the case the next. He even threatens not to let Souji and Yosuke leave the TV world if they don't agree to help him. Although that was almost certainly a bluff. This little bear also loves to be the center of attention, constantly flirting with the girls and telling bad jokes. (usually bear related puns.)

On top of that, he's also a bit vain about his appearance, often mentioning his beautiful fur, and becoming extremely upset when it gets messed up while fighting Rise's shadow. It's worth noting that after he gains a human body, his vanity and flirting get worse. Much worse. He takes forever to choose his first human outfit, and the one he finally chooses is very fashionable. And expensive. And when they take him to his first festival, he wastes no time trying to set himself up on a date with all the girls. At the same time.

Of course, a large part of his lack of tact and social propriety stems from the fact that he is genuinely new to human customs. He is absolutely fascinated by all aspects of the human world. Although he knows very little about humans, he approaches their every custom with curiosity and enthusiasm. He eagerly questions his friends when something comes up that he doesn't understand, like strip clubs, and 'scoring a hot stud.' They often ignore him, but that's okay, this is one persistent bear. He also doesn't understand why something like 'can I come stay at your place?' isn't an acceptable question to ask a contestant in a beauty pageant. And he has no problem declaring that he's going to sleep in the girls' room when they go to the hot springs. Being from inside the TV world, Teddie is also largely unfamiliar with human technology. In the beginning of the game, he doesn't even understand what filming is, and Yosuke has to teach him how to use a cell phone. He's a quick study though, and little by little he's beginning to understand.

Despite being kind of a handful, Teddie is actually a very brave and loyal bear. He tends to get very attached to people who are nice to him, especially Souji, who he refers to as 'Sensei.' Teddie desperately wants to useful to his friends. Early on, he helps by locating the missing people inside the TV and providing advice about fighting different types of shadows. And constant moral support never hurts, either. Even though he's afraid, he nearly sacrifices his life to save his friends from Rise's shadow. And, once he has his own persona, he very bravely steps onto the front lines and fights alongside everyone else.

Even though he maintains a cheerful, optimistic demeanor most of the time, Teddie is actually quite emotionally fragile. While his faith in his friends is absolute, It really doesn't take much for him to doubt himself. When his senses become less acute and he begins to have trouble finding the kidnap victims, he becomes depressed, calling himself a 'shabby bear' and worrying that soon they won't need him at all. When he believes that Nanako has died, he blames himself for failing to protect her. He fears that, deep inside, he really is no different from other shadows. That he doesn't belong in the human world. In the end, with Souji's help, he learns to accept what he is and move past it. But there will always be some small doubts lingering.

Being a shadow, Teddie can sense the presence of other shadows and even gauge their strength. He can also use his senses to find people if he has a trail to follow, but Rise far outclasses him here.
And of course, being born in the TV world, Teddie can travel freely between there and the human world. He can also create exits in the TV world to help people return.
Teddie is a decent physical fighter, using claws as his preferred weapon. He's able to use a persona too.
He also has a Persona:

[Other important stuff] Nothing I can think of.

[Sample post]

[First Person]

1- Would you consider yourself a hero or a villain? Why? Neither is an option as well, but still tell why.

What kind of question is that? Isn't is obvious that I'm a hero? A heroic knight who defend helpless damsels in distress! A handsome defender of all the pretty girls in need?

Oh, I'm such a brave bear~

2- You are a given a mission. Would you complete it effectively or would you goof off and do something else? Expand a little on the response.

[/Serious face]

I would definitely complete the mission after I finished goofing off. Or I would get Sensei or Yosuke to do it for me. Beclaws goofing off is too much fun not to do and the mission would be more fun to do with friends anyway~

3- You're asked to take someone out for a date. Do you agree? If so, describe what you would do. If not, tell why.

S- someone wants to go on a date with me? Fur real? Is it Chie-chan? Or Yuki-chan~?
Oh, I know, it's Nao-chan, right? Quick, tell them I said yes! Pawsitively yes!

We'll go to Aiya for dinner and then eat topsicles for dessert~ It'll be awesome! And when we're done, I'll finally get to score~!

4- You have two options: either save your friend who is hanging from a cliff, or chase after the bad guy who put them in a position. If you choose the former, the bad guy will get away and it will be hard to catch him. If you choose the latter, the cliff will crumble and the friend will fall to the spiky rocks below. What do you do and why?

That's easy~

I save my friend, of course! Friends are important, and I wouldn't want to lose even one of them. Who cares about the bad guy? If we work together, we'll catch him bearventually.

5- Do you believe you can fly? Do you believe you can touch the sky?


I mean, c'mon, have you ever heard of a flying bear bearfore?

6- Do you believe in the magic of friendship?

I sure do.

There's no way I'd be even half the bear I am today without Sensei and the others. Meeting them changed my whole life.

7- Can you surpass God?

Hmm, I think Sensei did that once...

8- Am I asking too many personal or strange questions?

[Bright smile]

You sure are!

[Third Person]
- Describe what your character is doing/thinking/wishing/etc. in the following scenario: It's cold and raining. Their umbrella has blown over and is no longer usable. There are three buildings they could run to: 1) the closest is a dark, decrepit old shack that looks like it could fall over any minute, 2) a little ways down the street is an old, abandoned house, but is that blood dripping from the window...?, 3) three blocks up there is a nice hotel all lit up and looks pretty safe.

"Ahh! No fair, no fair, no fair!"

Teddie was running through the streets, trying to balance complaining, eating ice cream and holding his umbrella with only one hand. It hadn't been raining when he left, although he probably should have taken the obvious hint of dark clouds on the horizon as a bad sign. Glancing around for shelter, he misses the slightly raised corner of the sidewalk and pitches face first into the ground.

"Uwaaah, Oh no! My ice cre-OW!"

The sad little bear spends a moment on the ground, mourning his delicious frozen treat. The tragedy of the confection, dropped before it's time, never to be eaten. He doesn't recall his umbrella until he sees it blowing away in a strong gust of wind.

"H- hey, wait! Come back!"

He tries chasing it, but it's already long gone by the time he's back on his feet.

"This is unbearable! Why does stuff like this have to happen to a sweet, kind little bear like me?"

He starts looking up and down the street, hoping to spot shelter.

"There's no way I'm going in that shack! It looks dangerous! Hmm, maybe that house will be the home of a lonely and beautiful woman, who will want to invite me in, make me tea, and then let me score.... with...."

He was almost to the door, when he trails off as he notices the blood on the window.

"Oh, no! No way! I saw this movie on late night TV last week! There's no way I'll fall for that!"

Backing away quickly, he turns to look up the street and finally spots the warm, inviting, safe hotel. Yeah, he's going for that. Running as fast as his legs will take him, and shielding his face from the rain.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] To be honest I was mostly enabled by the Chie-mun and all of the other castmates in the game. But character choise aside, I've actually been kind of stalking this game for a while, so I'm pretty excited about playing in it.

[Which rule was your favorite and why?] Not a rule per se, but I really like having prompts for the samples. I have a hard time coming up with scenarios for third person samples especially, so it's good to have some help.

[Where did you hear about Somarium?] I first heard about it because someone I knew in another game reccommended it.

[Any questions?]

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Use this post for any questions, concerns, or plottings you might have.
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[Teddie has so far managed to survive the apocalyptic wasteland, and the cannibals. But the radiation poisoning is another story. He's been dodging cannibal hordes as best he can, but his body is feeling worse and worse for wear.

He can currently be found leaning against the remains of a tree at what used to be known as makeout point. He's very pale and his eyes are unfocused. He's probably not long for this world....]
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[Llllllaaaadies~ Teddie is stalking around Mayfield in his charming new tuxedo and cape. And he's coming for all the lovely girls of Mayfield. He has no idea what he'll do if he catches anyone, but that's okay.]

Good Evening, my dear~
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[Is your character a girl with even remotely positive CR with Teddie? And by 'remotely positive,' I mean anything he could misconstrue as positive?

Or, actually, is your character a girl that he's ever met before? Or seen once? Or whatever...

Yeah. Teddie is asking out all the girls he knows. Except Ruri. Because he promised Yosuke. So, whether in school, or out shopping or whatever, have a Teddie. He's trying very hard to be charming.]

Hello, beautiful~

What do you say about me escorting you to the homecoming dance?
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Hi~ This is Teddie.

I just started school this week, and I already learned a whole lot.

But there was one thing one of the teachers said that I still don't understand.....

[His voice is just brimming with innocent curiosity.]

Can anyone tell me what 'sexual intercourse' is?

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[It's the first day of school and Teddie is all kinds of excited. He's never had a real school experience like Sensei or Yosuke or Chie-chan. But now he's going to high school just like them~ And on his first day of school, Teddie can be found in a few places.]

A) [Are you an attractive female teacher or student? Then have a perky blonde giving you a surprisingly suave smile.]


Y ou know, this is my first time going to school. And I'd be honored if a beautiful woman like yourself would show me around.

B) [Struggling with the answer to a question. This is his first day of formal education, so he's a little mystified by some of it. So if you're sitting next to him in class, enjoy him poking you.]

Psst! Hey!

Do you know what 'social studies' is?

C) [In the cafeteria, poking at his lunch.]

Why is the food all terrible? Did the town poison this too?

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[Teddie has never been in a bowling alley before, so this place is extremely strange. How did he get here? What are those lanes for? Why are there so many rows of funny shoes? What are we supposed to do with those weird heavy balls?

.... Wait... We? And now he notices the young lady there with him. Curiously, he pokes her.]

Hey, are you okay?

And do you know what a bowl-o- rama is?
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[Teddie is finally getting a chance to explore Mayfield's exciting downtown area. Well, it's exciting to him, anyway. So he can currently be found in a few places:]

A) [Bodine fashions, perusing the clothes. Because, really, what is wrong with the fashion in this town?]

I don't get it. All the clothes here look the same.... And they're all... boring....

B) [He can also be found curiously staring at the bowling alley, roller rink, and Gray ABC. Take your pick.  Remembering Yosuke's warning, he's stopping the first person he sees, anyway.]

Hey! Hey, what's in that building there? Can I go in?

C) [Or trying to stealthily peek in the windows of the post office. He wants to see what's in there...]

D) [On the lawn of 947 Beulah street]

[And when he finally gets back home, there's a letter waiting for him in the mailbox. When he opens it, all that's inside is a single card.]

Kin... Kintoki-douji....

[He's somewhere between surprised and pleased. After a minute of staring at it, he runs for the door of the house.]


Yosuke, can I destroy the mailbox?

[It looked like so much fun when Yosuke did it...]
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[So, Teddie got up early on his second day in Mayfield with the idea of exploring the town. He notices the flier and the milk on the front step.]

So, drinking milk is the law here? That's kind of strange....

[But, whatever. Probably best just to drink it to avoid trouble later.]

Hmm... this tastes a little..... weird.

[A few minutes later, after the 'special milk' has started to kick in, he's actually feeling pretty good. Hmmm, but whats that moving around underneath the wall? He better keep an eye on that. So, housemates, the new addition to your household appears to be watching the living room wallpaper very intently and muttering to himself. He is still holding the empty milk bottle and contemplating throwing it at non-existent wall gremlins.]

[Later, when he's finally gotten bored with that, Teddie is taking his tour of the town after all. He's still high as a kite, though, so he may not remember much of this later. Everything he sees seems to strike him as either totally amazing or completely hilarious. Also he keeps stopping to stare at thing for entirely too long, or occaisionally poke things that seem interesting. Like you. Hi there.]

Hey.... pssst.... Hey......
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[Hey, 947 Beulah street, you may notice a curious new addition to your household this morning. After waking up an unfamiliar room and dealing with the initial panic and confusion, Teddie is cautiously exploring his surroundings. It doesn't look like he was in a fight, and he wasn't locked up or anything, so either these kidnappers are really bad at it, or some really crazy stuff happened last night that he doesn't remember. Well, first things first, escape from the house, and then contact Sensei. He'll know what to do.

Escape from the house only lasts as long as it takes him to find the TV in the living room. He's never seen one like this before...]

What kind of TV is this? It's so big, but the screen is so small. I guess I probably couldn't fit through...

[Later,after things have been explained, on the phones....]

Wow... the phones are weird too.... This doesn't look anything like the phone Yosuke gave me... Can I really talk to everyone with this?

Hey, Sensei? Can you hear me? Rise-chan? Chie-chan? Are you there?

 [Yeah.... Teddie gets to show up the day before an event. Lucky him.]